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Centanos / Mobile startup trends on environmental awareness apps

Mobile startup trends on environmental awareness apps

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As the planet continues to warm, entrepreneurs start being more and more interested in startup concepts that address global warming. Startups may not be the answer to all of our problems, but with the right funding, support, and education, some raw ideas may blossom into world-changing businesses.

For mankind to limit global warming, drastic and unprecedented adjustments are necessary. Global politics are important in achieving the goal, but private firms also play an important role. Many businesses work hard to decrease their carbon footprint, but few are willing to pivot and shift their attention to slowing global warming. Fortunately, an increasing number of companies are responding to the challenge and developing new, inventive solutions for a more sustainable future.

Millennials are more concerned than previous generations with the social and environmental consequences of their purchasing and investing decisions. It’s only logical that the number of sustainability-focused companies is growing as they become older and enter the workforce.

Ecological innovation

Ecological innovation is an unavoidable trend for organizations seeking to increase their competitiveness and function responsibly in the framework of the green economy. Ecological innovation and green technology are quickly evolving throughout Europe. As the scope of the eco-industry grows, the output of the eco-industry is approaching EUR 2 trillion, which encourages economic growth and job creation in the European Union.

This year has seen a greater emphasis on the environmental, social, and governance implications of enterprises. It implies that firms will have to place a greater emphasis on climate sustainability, raw material sourcing, production, and the global effect of their activities.

Entrepreneurs throughout the world are addressing climate change issues front on by pioneering goods, services, and climate action tools through eco-friendly enterprises ranging from algae micro-farms to solar panelling design software (see source).

Being environmentally conscious entails more than just taking care of the environment. It is a matter of taking the required actions as well as making a conscious effort to adjust your lifestyle to preserve resources. From using recycled or renewable materials to lowering energy usage and trash, it appears that organizations and startups are making a concerted effort to safeguard our planet and live a sustainable lifestyle.

Why are environmental mobile apps important?

Raising awareness may be accomplished through a variety of strategies and media. With the rapid advancement of technology, mobile applications may be the ideal tool for the job. Before we get into the apps that might assist raise environmental consciousness among the general public, it’s crucial to understand why such apps are necessary. Many people dismiss these applications as unimportant, yet their importance is more than they realize. So, why are they important?

Fast and easy reach

When it comes to important concerns like the environment, issues need to be addressed as soon as possible and among a larger community. This may be accomplished through the use of media that practically everyone has access to. What greater tool is there than a mobile phone?

In this digital age, most, if not all, of us carry a cell phone with us everywhere we go. As a result, a mobile phone application is bound to reach a larger audience than a TV commercial or a newspaper advertisement, both of which are frequently disregarded.

Easy access for those on the go

Environmental awareness may also be fostered via various blogs and webpages on the internet and yet have a large reach. That is an excellent strategy, but it is not as practical for individuals who are not in the comfort of their own homes.

Mobile phone applications may be quite useful for folks who want to help save the environment but are always on the go. These applications are extremely beneficial since they offer users the information they want when they require it, without requiring them to conduct extensive research.


Many of us want comfort and ease in all we do. And if we don’t receive that, we’re not going to do it. Increasing one’s consciousness is no different. When it comes to individuals having the convenience of a mobile phone application at the tip of their fingers and being available anytime they want it, the odds of them learning from these applications simply increase. As a result, these mobile applications can be more effective than any other source in raising environmental consciousness, making them a significant development in the modern-day.

Types of mobile app feature to help with environmental and climate change

Carbon dioxide levels are at their highest in 650,000 years, according to NASA, reaching a number of almost tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. The recycling rate dropped from 34.7% in 2015 to 32.1% in 2022, not to mention the 10 billion tons of freshwater waste worldwide daily. Our planet is covered 75% with water, but 97.5% of that water is saltwater, with only 2.5% fresh water to drink. Check this cool live-count of water usability by The World Counts.

These figures are frightening, especially since climate change increases year after year. Fortunately, smartphone applications can aid in environmental awareness and the battle against global warming if you follow the guidelines. Smartphone technology, whether it’s an app for measuring air quality, pollution, or water use, enables everyone to play a role in helping to save the world.

Tell us your environmental awareness app idea, and let’s build one that includes features such as promoting greener lives, recommendations for reducing CO2 emissions, and other actions to help people be more eco-friendly.

Monitoring carbon footprints

  • Incorporating carbon footprint calculators to discover how daily acts affect climate change.
  • Giving people the option to track the development of their carbon impact.
  • Questionnaires to calculate a user’s personal and unique carbon score to assess how much CO2 they emit. Users may then adjust their lifestyle accordingly, such as reducing their power use or increasing their use of public transportation.
  • An environmental awareness app can give users individualized suggestions on how to reduce their environmental effects and use resources more efficiently.
  • Localized content can assist people in discovering sustainable projects near them.
  • Users can compete in competitions to discover who can be the most environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Yayzy is one app that helps anyone measure and reduce our impact on the planet. It fights climate change and can be used as our personal carbon footprint calculator.

How Yayzy works

  • Track your footprint on the go – From your online orders to your Uber trips, your itemised spending highlights the CO2 emitted from each activity
  • Understand your carbon footprint – Uncover important insights in-app to help you monitor how your expenditure is impacting the planet.
  • Embrace your growth – Keep an eye on your Yayzy tracker daily to reveal patterns, set goals & monitor monthly progress.

Waste and recycling

  • A search engine that provides information on how to categorize various objects, such as plastics, glass, and cardboard;
  • Providing timetables for trash and recycling pickup;
  • Providing information about nearby depots where individuals may securely dispose of hazardous garbage;
  • Providing a map of places and donation centers where individuals may donate goods such as clothing or furniture;
  • It helps people live in harmony with the planet;
  • It helps build a world that generates next to zero waste.

ReCollect is a technology company that combines deep expertise in solid waste and recycling with technology that works for government and business organizations. Their team is composed of leaders in public policy, recycling and solid waste communications, behaviour change and technology

Their mobile app, helps humans live in harmony with our planet, their vision is a world that generates zero waste and the mission is to arm organizations with recycling tools necessary to make a measurable impact on our planet.

How ReCollect works

  • It helps people stay connected – since people are digitally connected nowadays, their custom made mobile app allows anyone to receive information that they need, at the right time. There are notifications about updates to collection schedules, revealing places where to properly dispose of or recycle any material collections.
  • It lets people access the app in real-time – if you have changes you need to communicate right away, the app allows you to stay connected to people in real-time. Whether anyone needs to make changes to proper recycling or disposal instructions, or update delays in the collection schedule due to weather, the changes are communicated quickly.
  • It helps people self-serve – if people are being provided with reliable and accessible ways to self-serve, they take care of themselves and the world around them. The call volumes and customer support costs are reduced if the engagement between people is increased.

Tracking water usage

  • Tracking and regulating personal water use.
  • Alerts for leaks to help you reduce waste and expensive water costs.
  • The ability to compare use to that of other neighbors.
  • The ability to define and achieve water objectives, as well as track progress.

Dropcountr connects people and their water utilities on the mobile devices they use every day.

How Dropcountr works

  • You can use it to understand and manage your personal water use
  • You can compare usage to similar neighbors
  • You can set and reach water use goals
  • You can access valuable rebates and utility announcements

Community awareness

We sometimes feel as if we have no control over the environment or how to make our earth a better, safer, and healthier place. But the fact is that any change begins with an individual, and you must begin with yourself. It’s never been easier to live a greener lifestyle and make little adjustments to benefit the environment. There are eco-friendly applications available that can help you achieve tiny successes every day.

OneSave/Day is an app built around environmental awareness by appssemble. Their mission is to become a crucial part of the overall climate change solution by turning millions of lifestyles into more sustainable ones.

The Daily Saves facilitate the adoption of a responsible lifestyle and make it accessible to everyone through features that allow you to monitor your water usage carefully or warn you about leaving the lights on in the house, and so on. As a non-profit organization, they are fully committed to their values and act for the common good, so by using an app like theirs, you’ll be a part of a huge environmentalist family and learn about the best ways to cooperate to solve the climate crisis and save the Earth.

Top fundings in environmental awareness apps

Currently, according to the hub, there are over 700 startups on Energy & Greentech in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweeden alone. European Commission started “Boosting Europe’s green transition: Commission invests €1.5 billion in innovative cleantech projects” through Innovation Funds, one of the world’s largest programmes for the demonstration of innovative low-carbon technologies, financed by the EU’s Emissions Trading System. Throughout Europe, Village Capital and Visa Foundation are two other big investors that financed Startups with the Greentech Europe 2022 initiative.

In Asia, four research projects led by scholars at the City University of Hong Kong receive grants worth HK$20.26 million, offered by the Green Tech Fund under the Environmental Protection Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government, to build startups that can help save the planet.

In Jan 2022, CNBC published an article stating that “Bill Gates climate fund plans to mobilize $15 billion into cleantech” across the U.S., the U.K. and European Union, with a private-public fund named Breakthrough Energy Catalyst. Jonah Goldman, Breakthrough Energy managing director describes BEC as a “program to demonstrate how we can finance, produce and buy the new solutions that will underpin a low carbon economy”. BEC will initially focus on direct air capture, green hydrogen, long-duration energy storage, and then sustainable aviation fuel.

Is using an app enough?

While these mobile apps can be quite helpful in raising environmental awareness, the question remains: are they sufficient? Is utilizing these apps all we need to do to stop the detrimental changes in the environment and save our planet’s quickly deteriorating state?

No, it does not. But it is unquestionably a start. When it comes to fighting for a cause, we all need a place to start, and these types of apps, like Monitoring Carbon Footprints, Managing Waste and Recycling and Tracking Water Usage, may provide that beginning point. Sharing the lessons we learnt, if not the application itself, with people around us would be a terrific way to go ahead.

For a long time, we’ve been on a countdown to rescuing the earth. According to scientists, we have only seven years to heal the Earth before it is irrevocably harmed by the effects of human pollution or seventeen years until we run out of freshwater. Because this is our only home, we must put greater effort into caring for it.

You can be the change that the world needs. We are your support.

This environment we live in is the only one known to sustain living forms at the moment. The repeated harm we inflict on it is causing it to decay at a quicker rate than we realize. We must keep in mind that if it fails to the point that it can no longer support life, we would have nowhere to go, which is why we should not simply ponder about boosting environmental awareness, and take a step today, even if it starts through a smartphone app. Therefore if you have an environmental awareness mobile app idea in mind, get in touch with us, tell us your plan, and let us build a project that might change current things, peoples’ perspectives or the environment. Until the next article, stay safe and be responsible for the environment.

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