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Centanos / Google things to do: a smart move for travel agency and tour operators (updates 2023)

Google things to do: a smart move for travel agency and tour operators (updates 2023)

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Visitors plan their trips via new Google display features. Google things to do is an example of finding flights, hotels, and vacation rentals, things to do app.

People use Google for almost everything. It is inevitable to state that when we plan trips or vacations, Google will be our ultimate source of information. To understand the search intent of all, Google has launched a new display feature of Google things to do. Google things to do is a platform that helps users explore new tourism destinations and experiences. 

In 2021, Google successfully launched Google things to do. After launching, Google things to do has gained lots of interest from many travel agencies and tour operators. Besides, Google things to do helps a travel agency and tour operators promote their tourism products and connect with the right consumers. Working with Google things to do, travel agencies find it a great opportunity to widen their potential customers. As a travel portal development company, Cetanos Software sees Google things to do a potential marketing channel for travel firms. Explore many things that a travel agency and tour operators can do with Google Things to do. 

What is google things to do? 

Many travel agencies see that introducing Google things to do is an exciting move for the travel and tourism industry. Things to do ads help them to display pricing information, ticket listings, and ticket booking links in front of potential customers. This is an effective way to approach potential visitors. Besides, they can book your tourism products directly from Google Search results. 

Additionally, Google things to do is an economic way for a travel agency and tour operators. Since they promote their ticket booking lists directly on Google Search without any extra fee. Moreover, travelers can easily find and compare various tourism products to find the best solution for their trips. As a travel portal development firm, Cetanos sees that Google things to do can benefit all from a travel agency and tour operators to visitors. 

Some travel tech companies outsource mobile app development firms to create travel portals or itinerary planner software. They want to provide a better tourism experience for travelers through travel agent software. Nowadays, travel agencies can attract more customers via Google things to do. 

Google things to do is a new display feature for travelers to explore and compare prices among tours, activities, and destinations. 

The things to do app helps tour operators drive bookings. Since it allows users to click through and book tickets directly on your website. Google Things to do can include tours, tourism activities, and tickets. 

Google things to do: How does it work? 

Google things to do work like Google Search. When travelers search for destinations, Google things to do will display general information, ticket pricing, and booking links for admissions and booking options. For instance, if anyone searches for Temples of Literature in Hanoi, Vietnam, Google things to do will provide users with detailed information including photos, reviews, locations, opening hours, and ticket options. 

Moreover, the ticket tab will show ticket pricing and direct booking links from Google to its website. In addition, Google things to do also provides listings from Online Travel Agencies and tour operators on tourism products. Users can see easily that the first link is an official site link. 

Therefore, Google things to do takes potential customers to the website of a travel agency and tour operators. Thanks to the things to do app, tourism service providers can reach more and more potential customers than before. 


Understanding Google Things to do: Search, Maps, Google Travel, and Operator Booking System

Things to do Google Search to optimize search results 

The Admissions on Google Things to do allow you to feature if you are a destination operator. Or you sell tickets for that destination. Travelers search for the POI to visit a place. They click on the ticket button on the google search result. If you are the owner of that attraction, you can list the official site tag which might generate more clicks. 

Things to do apps: POI search – boosting experiences 

The Experiences feature is listed in The Admissions. It allows travelers to find tourism products that fit POI and are a part of the tourism experience. It is much more than just simply a ticket button. Visitors click on an activity and experiences like descriptions, highlights, and others. 

If they are interested in that experience, then click through the tour operators’ website. There are also some filters such as prices, excludes, and includes. Besides, there are about 20 different experiences for each tour operator. 

Things to do Google Maps for enhancing traveler’s experiences 

Google has started introducing Google Things to do ticket listings for paid attractions on Google Maps. Visitors search for the POIs of the attractions or in the area. There will be a ticket button displayed around. If users click on that button, there is a list of tour operators and a travel agency that sells tickets. 

Some predict that it will double the clicks compared to before. Google Experts state that they will add Experiences to Google Maps in the upcoming year. It looks similar to how they are shown on the Google Travel results. 

Things to do on Google Travel 

Anyone who has the intention to travel always goes to Google Search. Take a look at an example of Google Travel. Travelers search “Hanoi” for amazing tourism activities and attractions. They can do the same for any place. The results show a list of popular POIs in Hanoi. Then travelers click on one of the POIs they are interested in. They will see a ticket option that offers Admissions and Experiences for that interest. 

Operator Booking System for TAs & TOs 

The operator booking model is a feature in Google Things to do. Besides, it will soon launch ticket listings on the Google Business Profile. The operator booking model has yet to be launched. However, Google Experts provide a mockup of that feature. It looks like the user interface of the Admissions section. 

There is a limited functionality now in your Google Business Profile. However, it doesn’t allow you to add Points of Interest. It might lead to the limitation of your business reach. In the future, there might be some changes. 

Why are Google Things to do critical for Travel Agency and Tour Operators? 

Explore how Google things to do help a travel agency and tour operators. The things to do app offers various booking options from a direct booking link to the website of tour operators. Furthermore, Google things to do plays an important role in widening potential travelers. Since it helps direct them to the official websites. 

Besides, the tour operators enhance customer relationships. Some travel tech companies outsource mobile app development teams to create travel portal development projects. Additionally, travel agencies do not need a specific payment gateway like the Reserve with Google.

The new feature of Google things to do helps advertisers drive more revenue and bookings. Besides, tour operators can expand their potential customers with a new ad feature and speed up the market competition. Tour operators display their tourism products via free listings and ad formats. 

Free listings – Ultimate features of Google things to do For Ticket Listings 

Tour operators promote their entrance ticket booking links without extra fees. They can reach more potential travelers globally which are the same as the free hotel booking links previously introduced. 

New ad format – Expend potential customers 

Google things to do also offer a new ad feature to help a travel agency and tour operators stand out and grow their business operations. The new ads will appear above the google search results and display details including photos, prices, booking links, and the name of travel companies. Some companies outsource mobile app development to create software applications to enhance customer experiences. 

Google things to do are very effective for their business in some ways. Tour operators don’t need to create ad formats and target keywords for their google ads campaigns. Google Search automatically uses data from their inventory based on the ad group. From that, tour operators target travelers based on the travelers’ needs and their devices. 

After nearly two years of establishment, Google things to do are still new. This things to do app is likely to be involved in the coming months and beyond. You can follow us on Linkedin, Facebook, or the latest news on our Blog to update more information about Google things to do.

How do Google things to do apps help business operations?: Huge benefits for TAs & TOs 

More visible compared to other TAs and TOs 

Google things to do brings more revenue for the business. In addition, a travel agency and tour operators can offer tour packages for a product. So now they can optimize the booking links of a package to appear in various Google Search results. 

Boost website traffic 

Google things to do makes it possible to appear in the search results and gain more clicks from organic users. Travelers can click on the booking links which go directly to the website and landing page through the booking button. Therefore, a travel agency and tour operators can leverage website traffic in various ways. 

  • Optimize booking lists for upselling tour products: create packages that appear when travelers search for other queries. 
  • The more users click on websites, the more foot traffic they are in the digital store. 
  • Give more detailed data on target audiences: demographics and profiles. 

Bring higher revenue potential for your business 

A travel agency and tour operators can define their various market strategies to push more website traffic. Besides, the greater visibility it is, the greater the website traffic will be. Thus, it leads to revenue growth. 

Additionally, Google things to do help you optimize the content to capture customer needs through targeted upselling products. Moreover, Google things to do also allow you to get better data collection and analysis. Therefore, you can make the most of the marketing strategies and budgets.

Display types of Google Things to do for TAs & TOs and How to set up 

Google Things to do offer lots of benefits for a travel agency and tour operators for its widening business reach. There are some different display types of Google Things to do: Admissions, Experiences, and Things to do ads. In the article, we will give you some ideas of Google things to do display types and how we can set them up on it. 


Google things to do: admission 

  • A ticket button on the POI search result: display Google Things to do listings. If you are an attraction owner and you want to integrate with Google Things to do. You can contact travel tech companies for doing that. 
  • The official site tag only supports the official owner or tour operations. 
  • Prices shown on Google Things to do should be fully-charged for adults. Prices are accurate and are the final checkout price: all taxes and fees. When travelers click on the price. It will link to the landing page. Tour operators will submit the landing page for Google and tracking links as well. 
  • The Admissions on Google Things to do show the company name or tourism service providers if your links are set up directly to the official website. Since you see that some reservation technology software companies link directly to the booking pages. It means their branding displays instead of your company.
  • If your travel companies have multiple options or tourism products, they will be grouped in a drop-down list. 
  • Ticket listings have two attributes. It includes free cancellation, mobile tickets, confirmation, and multi-attraction passes.

Google Things to do: travel experiences 

  • When setting up the Experiences, a travel agency and tour operators have to set a featured image for that activity and experience. They cannot use images that have any text or graphics including logos. 
  • Travel experiences on Google Things to do include names, descriptions, highlights, inclusions, exclusions, and must-know items. Besides, the content affects your position on Google Things to do. 
  • The review score on Google Things to do is submitted with the tourism products. It can be from your website, Google review score, Tripadvisor, or other sources. 

Things to do Ads 

The things to do ads carousel and others will display when travelers search for a Point of Interest. Or travelers search terms like “Things to do in (where) or (where) tours”. Nowadays, carousel ads dominate google ads through OTAs. 

A smart move for travel companies with Google things to do to boost tours and tourism activities 

Things to do app for tourist attractions 

Google Things to do offers an admission feature in which google lists direct entry tickets for any destinations. Tour operators can list fully-detailed product information as the products that they are selling; however, you only list ticket bookings for the attractions. 

Multiple attractions are also eligible. When travelers search the destination either on Google Search or on Google Maps, they see a ticket button. On the Ticket Button, travelers can see lots of ticket bookings from different companies to that attraction. 

For example, the official site listing will be eligible for that destination and tour operators help them take control of that listing with other features. It can be a higher ranked listing in various cases, the ability to add many ticket options, trackable links, and even see Google Things to do app. 

Things to do ads for saving advertising costs for TA & TO 

Google Things to do also offer an Experiences section where travelers can find various tourism experiences. They can be cycling tours, hop-on hop-off sightseeing, bike tours, and others more than an entry ticket to the destination. Some travel tech companies start integrating with Google things to do. They will help tour operators to display their tour products on Google things to do. Moreover, those travel tech companies help you add products by selecting Points of Interest (POI) and others that are a part of the experience.

Travelers then click on your tour products to see the details including description, highlights, inclusions, etc. They click directly to your website to make a booking if they have interests. 

Travel tech companies can support tour operators by featuring Google Things to do ads. The carousel will be placed on the top of many Google Search Results for Points of Interest. Besides, travelers search for a term like “Things to do in [[your city] or city tours somewhere. Your Google ads account will manage content and others in Things to do ads. 

Travel Agency and Tour Operators: Strategic partners with Google things to do 

Some travel agencies outsource mobile app development teams to develop applications for enhancing travelers’ experiences. They understand the term “The Moment Of Truth”. Whenever and wherever customers reach out for your tourism products. You have to take care of them to provide the best experience on the customer journey. Explore how Google things to do can enhance travelers’ experiences. 

Tour operators display their tour products on Google through the online reservation system. They have to ask travel portal development companies to set up the integration through the online reservation software. It ensures that they have good quality content to capture their tour products. 

When integrating with Google things to do, tour operators need to mention the destinations and Points of Interest (POI) in their tour descriptions. Moreover, TOs need to update Google My Business listings and put effort into the content suggestions and guidelines on Google Search. Additionally, they give more information about ticket options, helping the best chance to appear in Google Search Results.

The Bottom Line 

Google things to do for a travel agency and tour operators is one of the most significant changes in the travel and tourism industry. More and more travel tech companies support TAs and TOs to integrate with Google things to do for more business opportunities. 

Besides, you can go to outsource mobile app development to create mobile apps for the travel and tourism industry. A mobile app integrating with Google things to do is another option. Working with Google things to do is a smart move for a travel agency and tour operators. We will also update more information on Google things to do (Updating 2023). 

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